Bruce Cullen Concoction 138 Released

Episode 138 with Bruce Cullen

Bruce Cullen - Concoction 138

Tracklist – Bruce Cullen Concoction 138

Orkidea – Forward Forever | BPM: 126
Oliver Smith – Solina (Extended) | BPM: 128
Andain – Summer Calling (Daniel Wanrooy And Mark Green Remix) | BPM: 128
Andy Duguid – 7even (Feat. Jaren) | BPM: 128
Above & Beyond, Spencer Brown Feat. Rbbts – Long Way From Home | BPM: 128
Markus Schulz feat Nikki Flores – We Are the Light (Extended Mix) | BPM: 130
Airbase – Vermillion (Extended) | BPM: 132
Arkham Knights, Jam El Mar – Wake Up (Extended) | BPM: 130
Michael Kaelios – Out Of Sight | BPM: 140
Eddie Bitar And Psycrain – Ocean Of Enlightenment Feat. Rita el Jebari (Extended) | BPM: 140
Bluespark – Manhattan Shadows | BPM: 140

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Let’s Get Going: Here is Bruce Cullen Concoction 138

Time in Preparing Concoction 138.

I want everyone in the general public to understand how important it is to support your local electronic dance music artists. For example, picking tracks can really be difficult if you are as picky as me. Spend the extra time to say thank you to your favorite trance DJ. They will in turn have more ambition to continue, this I know. Take your time as a DJ, do not cut corners! In particular, get an assistant. Call your local college and see if you can get an intern to help out. Visit Bruce Cullen biography for much more about my career in electronic dane music.

For a one hour radio show I spend about 4-5 hours listening and deciding on tracks, all in all.

1) Track selection, listening to promos sent by record labels and producers.
2) Creating the placement of tracks I spend about 1-2 hours.
3) Creating & recording the radio show live. I spend about 2-3 hours (including setup, maintaining equipment).
4) Voice-overs for the radio show take an hour (placement, editing, sound levels).
5) Mastering & checking various things 1-2 hours (edits, EQ, levels, fixes, etc).
6) Write-ups, uploads, marketing, advertising take a ton of time. I spend about 2-3 hours estimated. Maintaining accounts, etc. also take time.
7) Total about x hours.

Thanks for reading, feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. Suggestions are huge in my book. As many say “no question is a stupid question. We are all after all humans. My next track will be out in March of 2019 ‘Bruce Cullen – Stellar Stream’ – Prepare, get bigger speakers! Much more news about this new trance track release coming shortly. Stay tuned! Cheers Everyone! ~DJ Producer: Bruce Cullen on Facebook

Bruce Cullen’s Flashback, 8-20-18, Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down

You might miss something, right? You miss it in its very basic form.

Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down, Flashback Image

Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down, Bruce Cullen Flashback

Examples: Your very first kiss, when you were like 16 years old. Spending time with some deep groovy progressive trance on the HDTV, on Youtube, Digitally Imported Radio, etc. As a matter of fact, you miss having the lights dim, a few puffs (420 style). You miss taking a late night drive to check on the stars above. Additionally,  you miss your walk with your dog around the block. There is lots to miss right!? Oh the memories. Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down, brings those memories back.

Things are just not the same. That time hiding from your girls parents in her bedroom. Or being in the same house with your girl and her parents. You might miss having that type of closeness with that special someone. So so many moments. Just be sure you have the right woman. Time warp, now you are dating some Asian girls, Dutch, etc. Don’t get hooked. Finally, spread out the wealth people. You only live once. Stop being superficial with your own beliefs. Some religions are cults, some music can have the same attributes lol. Actually, this is what I am really saying.

Music and Vivid Memory Recall.

You’re missing those moments and you look to music to let it all settle in. You think about all those tracks you played in the past. They bring back such vivid memories. In short, these are no ordinary memories. You can taste them, feel them and definitely hear them inside your head. Again and again and again. That flashback when you met: a beautiful woman calling you to her. With this in mind, your life was never the same again! Here is a track that pretty much covers it all, by a colleague of mine.

To Begin with, Let’s Get Going: Here, is Dash Berlin.

Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down (Vocal Mix).

This track (Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down) is all about these thoughts and memories. The memories you always have in your head. Therefore, it triggers them all over again. That’s why we are here with Bruce’s favorite tracks, in video format. Namely, classic trance tracks from the past!

In particular, Bruce Cullen’s Favorite Remix.

Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down (Arctic Moon Remix).

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